Title V Inspections

Title V Inspections

A Title V inspection is a report required by the state of Massachusetts upon the sale of any home.

The state may also ask for a Title 5 inspection to be completed upon any additions being made to the house, even a swimming pool.

Our team provides an extensive Title V inspection for homeowners who require it. One of our inspectors will schedule a time to come to your property and conduct a thorough inspection, this typically takes 1-2 hours. In some instances, moderate digging is involved in order to expose the covers on your septic tank and distribution box. Many times hand digging is sufficient, and we do our best to stay clear of any flower beds. We will always inform you if digging will be required to take place before we get started.

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We then generate a report for you which is given to your local town offices. This will give them all the necessary information they need to either pass or fail your property’s Title 5.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions regarding Title V Inspections, including information about Title V loan programs, click here.

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